1. An artist (name?) at UNCED created giant fish sculptures out of plastic bottles to highlight the plastic debris problem.

    via Huffpo

  2. themattsmith:


    Bon Iver, Bushmills auction off custom-made guitar made from old whiskey barrels, with proceeds going to pay for community arts center: Today in selling out in a way so clever and sophisticated that it somehow becomes the opposite of selling out.

    This is so great that I’m not going to even enter into the “selling out” discussion.

    Giving back to the community is hardly selling out.  This is the coolest.  Also, the whiskey in the humidor - that shit’s awesome.

  3. Mark Oliver.  Litterbugs


  5. You may remember these guys from their awesome five person/one guitar cover of Gotye’s “Somebody that I used to know.”  If not, here’s an excellent way to get acquainted with their creativity and musicality.  It’s a cover of Melvina Reynolds’ “Little Boxes.”  Younger people and/or potheads might know it as the theme song for Weeds.  Is that enough setup?  I think so.

    Little Boxes - Walk off the Earth