1. Look Up - A Poem That Will Inspire You To Put Down Your Smartphone.

    "We’re a generation of idiots: smartphones and dumb people."


    So relevant right now.

  3. …the future of Pizza (X)

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  4. Sorayama

    Gotta love seeing an analog camera in the hands of a robot who thinks in terms of 1’s and 0’s.  Great contradiction there.

  5. Whaaaa

  6. Bernhoft - C’mon Talk

    This amazing video is exactly why I need a live looping setup.


  7. "I would ask my computer to find me a perfect husband. I would tell it to tell me where to find the prettiest clothes and tell me where to get my hair done. Tell me where the most famous restaurant is in the world. Then I would meet my future husband, get married, have children — two, named Ben and Angie — then I would get a divorce and raise my children on my own until they’re grown. And then it’s just me and my computer. All alone again."
    — A 7th grade female describing herself using a computer at age 30, quoted by Nancy Kreinberg and Elizabeth K. Stage, “EQUALS in Computer Technology,” in The Technological Woman: Interfacing with Tomorrow, ed. Jan Zimmerman (New York: Praeger, 1983). (via newman)
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  9. Alfred Twu is onto something.

    A system like this would be truly beautiful.  Truly connected.  We could see our families with ease.  Too bad, for now the politicians are dragging their feet.  When they finally put the interests of their constituents ahead of those of the oil companies funding their campaigns, perhaps we could see something like this.

  10. If all that talk about our lack of hovercars has gotten you down, check out this invisibility cloak by Canadian company hyperstealth

  11. Matt W. More and aarn collaborated on these numerically controlled sharpie drawings.  

    They made this series using Matt’s original vectors and a sharpie attached to a 3-axis CNC machine.

  12. thecreatorsproject:

    Neil Harbisson Is A Cyborg Who Can Hear Colors

    Imagine you were rendered unable to distinguish between colors, unable to tell the different between black, white, yellow, or not knowing why an orange is called an orange. It would be an unusual form of torture, but that’s what Neil Harbisson has had to live with for most of his life. Born with a condition known as achromatopsia, he is unable to see colors and is affected by complete color blindness.

    But this unfortunate tale has a happy ending, as Harbission became the owner of a device created by Adam Montandon called the Eyeborg. The device is embedded in Harbission’s skull and provides a synesthetic function, translating colors into sounds. Not only does he get to experience that alchemical transformation of the senses, but he’s also got the credential of being the first ever cyborg (his passport picture includes the device).


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  13. image


    Daniel Rozin made a wooden mirror with 830 tiny wooden “pixels” connected to individual motors set to react to a camera.

  14. Omote 3d has created The World’s First 3d Photobooth. 

  15. discoverynews:

    Artificial Muscle Stronger Than the Real Thing: They’re small but mighty. The tiny artificial muscles created by an international team of researchers are 200 times stronger than human muscle fibers of comparable size. In the future, improved versions of the muscles could go into the next generation of movers and doers. Go flex those artificial muscles and read more…

    Holy shit.  Artificial muscles