1. (via hexeosis)

  3. Sam Octigan is awesome.

  4. The Song of The White Deer  - A Collaboration between Kris D and David Hale. 

    Ink, graphite, and walnut ink on paper.  Summer 2012.

  5. Twist Bike by Jose Hortado

    Sure, the frame is a bit plain, but the fully reversible handlebars and seat are just plain awesome.  Also, gotta love the hubless wheel design.

  6. Matt W. More and aarn collaborated on these numerically controlled sharpie drawings.  

    They made this series using Matt’s original vectors and a sharpie attached to a 3-axis CNC machine.

  7. This is what it would look like if my face were completely symmetrical.  A Libra finding a balance.  

    Does that read as lame as it felt to write?  Good.

  8. Look at these watercolor ink blot creations by  L Filipe dos Santos