1. odontomachus:

    The German artist Hans Kotter place colored LEDs and mirrors in Plexiglas cubes to create sculptures in which geometric shapes appear to float and repeat to infinity.

  2. moarrrmagazine:

    Resonance- musical instrument sculptures by Koji Takei

  3. spiderbtch:

    70 Foot Giant Sculpture Breaks Free from the Ground

    by artist J. Seward Johnson

    (Source: who-, via retromantique)

  4. kidsofdada:


    'Churchtank Type 8', 2010


    Powerful symbolism here.  Take from it what you will.

  6. kristinasheufelt:

    Yhonnie Scarce

    Cultivation of Whiteness, 2013

    60 blown glass pieces, 1L glass beakers

    So cool.

  7. red-lipstick:

    Tamar Kvesitadze - 7 meter metal sculptures on the seashore boulevard of Batumi on the Black Sea coast of Georgia entitled Statue Of Love aka Ali & Nino which change their position every 8-10 minutes eventually merging into one piece.


    (Source: georgiaabout.com, via hifructosemag)

  8. sheisdoomy:

    Smartheart | Geometric Mirror. on We Heart It…. | via Tumblr en We Heart It. http://weheartit.com/entry/79183765/via/out_of_line

  9. Korean artist Sang Sik Hong makes Soft Sculptures out of straws.

  10. jakewaldronart:

    Body building : Part 4. Skinned up, waiting for clothes. Time to play with some fabric and see what happens.

    It’s looking awesome and cute in a really odd way, which is to say, the quirky way, which is the best way.

  11. Gorgeous, energetic metal sculptures by Pierre Matter.

    His personal website.

  12. bobbycaputo:

    Plant Sculptures at the 2013 Mosaicultures Internationales de Montréal

  13. Mario Martinez (aka MARS-1) - Electric Monkey Man

    Again, be sure to check out the high resolution images in the clickthrough.  This guy does weird in an awesome way.

  15. Peter Kogler

    Schauwerk Sindelfingen, Sindelfingen, 2010