1. inthemess:

    Ever wanted to see a salt shaker transform into a windmill and then a helicopter? Me too! So, I made a three step intaglio print, altering the plate slightly each time.

  2. I made this for important reasons. #batman #copper #metalwork #art #inthemess

  3. Into Thin Air

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  5. jimmaybones:


    I’m a finalist in a gif contest, but I need some help. If you like these gifs please vote for me  


    …it’s the bleu button “voter” then the next blue button “voter pour cette serie”

    thank you. 

    I still need a few more votes, if you haven’t voted and like these, please vote for me. Thank you so much!! 

  6. Operation Loveful Heights - Matei Apostolescu

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  8. The All-Seeing General Yolk has his gaze fixed to rest on you. #art #drawing #surreal #surrealist #trippy #tagsforlikes #eye #instagood #artistsontumblr #myart #inthemess

  9. odontomachus:

    The German artist Hans Kotter place colored LEDs and mirrors in Plexiglas cubes to create sculptures in which geometric shapes appear to float and repeat to infinity.

  10. iguanamouth:

    something about memories

    So true! You’ll often catching me describing a new acquaintance as a combination of ____, _____, and ____. I’m glad I’m not alone in this schema.

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  11. prakashkc:

    "If I don’t create, I fall apart."

    Ink, on white A4.


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