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  2. Anonymous said: What did you draw that awesome skeleton with?

    I do have an affinity for bones. Anon is flattering me with regards to this imageNot sure why this is anon, but I drew it with micron pens on bristol.

  3. #anatomy #skeleton #drawing #penandink #inthemess

  4. Meta photograph. Meta vanity. A reflection of a reflection. Big brother captures me expertly. #me #inthemess #clipclopclap #phonography #bigbrother #meta

  5. inthemess:

    Ever wanted to see a salt shaker transform into a windmill and then a helicopter? Me too! So, I made a three step intaglio print, altering the plate slightly each time.

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  7. I made this for important reasons. #batman #copper #metalwork #art #inthemess

  8. Into Thin Air

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  9. HI

    Wanna see a thing I drew?


  10. I’m frantically working on hand lettering and listening to this - one of many great tracks on my “Indie Dance” playlist. Get your work done. Faster.

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  11. Type in a year, link right to a bunch of hits from that year. Do your ears a favor.

  12. This is art.

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  13. "If it sounds good, it is good."
    — Duke Ellington
  14. So, I purchased this gentleman yesterday.

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  15. Start an art collective with me.

    That is all.